Terms & conditions

Use of Website

Customers are expected to use the website in compliance with the Payformyclass.com policies. Therefore, when customers begin placing an order with the company, they are expected to have read and agreed to comply 100% with all of Pay For My Class policies as published on their website.

Terms of Sale:

We've built products that satisfy industry standards. In exchange for competitive rates we provide services to provide personalized solutions to our customers.


Payments are only earned through safe and reliable methods. Using Online Bank Transfer, Credit Cards or PayPal, customers can choose to pay.


Revision requests shall be entertained where they are found to be valid and justified. This means that if a customer cannot show that agreed requirement(s) have been / were skipped, then the request for revision shall not be approved.


Payformyclass.com keeps your data secure. Any information collected by means of forms, calls, or otherwise will be kept secure under the privacy policy. We don’t share, use, or sell your data to any third party.

Refund Policy:
  • If customers aren't happy with the amended work then they can get their funds refunded. We have the whole refund policy set. For more details customers can talk to our support team.
  • Our ordering process is pretty simple. Payments should be made in advance for confirmation of the order.
  • Customer has the right to request that an order be cancelled if the order is waiting to move to processing. For a qualified cancelation request, we will refund 100 percent of the fee amount.
  • If order is put with normal delivery time, we accept refund claims. The default delivery time line is 2 days or more.

At Payformyclass.com, a quality assurance committee performs the evaluation of the refund claim case and customers are expected to acknowledge their judgment as final and non-challengeable about the qualification/disqualification and refund number.